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Dr. Nelson Perdue is a tenured evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene having served full-time since 1974. His ministry has taken him to four continents of the world. He is a faithful exponent of the message of scriptural holiness. He formerly served as the Revivalism Coordinator for the Church of the Nazarene. He is the founder and former executive editor of the periodical, The Evangelists’ Perspecitve, and has authored a booklet entitled Holiness: Our Heritage.  Dr. Perdue’s second book, The School of Christ, is a compilation of 12 holiness expositions and was published in March 2006. He has also written a study on sanctification entitled Holiness Horizons: A Purview of Sanctification. This book was released in April 2007. The most recent book published by Dr. Perdue was written in 2010 and is entitled The Beauty of Holiness.

He was honored with a Doctor of Divinity degree conferred on him at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in May of 2002. Dr. Perdue has also served as an associate evangelist with the Francis Asbury Society which was founded by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw.

Join us in prayer for:

* true renewal and revival in the church.
* an anointing for the work of holiness evangelism.
* a sensitivity to the Spirit’s guidance in their ministry.
* the protection and spiritual growth of the Perdues.
* a productive and fruitful ministry for God and His kingdom.

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